A simple slight bullet-hell type game set in a different version of the Space Race. This was my first project made using the Godot game engine, so I had to learn that as I went, meaning my project probably isn’t as efficient as it could be. Also, I rushed and made the cutscenes in the last bit of time I had, so they’re not as good as I wish they were. I wish I could have added music, but I really suck at that and had no one to help me out with it. Also, for some reason, the sound doesn’t work in the HTML5 version. I think it has more to do with the web exporter of the Godot engine than my code


  1. Use the Left/Right arrow keys or A/D to move left and right
  2. Use the Up arrow or W to speed up
  3. Use the Down arrow or S to slow down


Get to the moon while avoiding Sputnik’s rockets


Windows Version (Most Stable + Sound) 16 MB
Mac Version (Untested) 19 MB

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